I had a very special newborn session yesterday!  I’ve been friends with Ethan’s mommy, Lorrie, since I was 9 years old!!!!!  We’ve been through so much together and I was so happy that they chose me to capture his first days of life!  He is absolutely beautiful and did great the entire session!  Sure I got pooped on twice and peed on once….he’s sneaky, he waited until his diaper off for a good minute until he would start peeing….his parents even warned me about it, but right when I thought I was in the clear and he definitely wasn’t going to pee, he’d surprise me!  Nothing out of the ordinary for a newborn session:-)  Ethan’s daddy is into motorcycles and he requested that we get a picture of Ethan on his bike!  Ethan LOVED sleeping inside his daddy’s helmet!  It was the running joke by the end of the session, that if Ethan is up at night and they can’t get him to sleep, they just need to snuggle him in daddy’s motorcycle helmet and he’ll be out like a light!  Amazingly enough, that was the one time he didn’t pee or poop:-)  Lucky Daddy!!!!  Thank you Lorrie and Andy for being so laid back and up for anything during our session!  It will be so much fun to design your birth announcements, you have so many great images to choose from!  Ethan is SO lucky to have two people who love him as much as you do!  I can’t wait to spend more time with him as he grows!!!!  Love you guys!!!!

I love you Mommy!!!

He was actually laughing when we took this!!!  Sweetest thing to hear!

So serious 🙂

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