Sweet babe

I got to meet 13 week old baby Devin and his mom and dad last Friday.  What a GORGEOUS family!!!!  Devin was all smiles and such a little flirt.  I love getting to photograph new parents with their babies.  The love they have when looking at their child is amazing, and it was so clearly demonstrated by Devin’s mom and dad.  Devin is such a lucky little boy to have two parents who are so obviously in love with him and each other!  I hope you love your preview!  I had so many favorites it was hard to choose which to blog!

Can’t you just feel how much they love each other?

This one’s for you Miss Lisa :)

We had preschool open house last night for both of my kids and we got to see our very special teacher from last year, Miss Lisa!  The kids both had her for class and they absolutely without a doubt adore her and so do I!  She told me that she checks my blog from time to time just to see pics of the kids (isn’t that sweet)?!?  I was thinking that I haven’t uploaded any recent ones of the kids, so I put together a few that I took over the summer.  Miss Lisa,  you are the BEST ever and we look forward to hugs everyday at preschool!