William is 1!!!!

My first session yesterday was one I’ve really been looking forward to for a while now:)  This is the third time this year I’ve gotten to see William and his parents.  He turned one last week so it was time for more pictures!  He is as cute as can be and looks SO much like he did when I first met him (ok, he’s got a bit more hair!).  He is such a happy kid and he LOVED playing in the dirt.  Once he got down on the ground there was no hope for getting him to sit on Mom or Dad’s lap!  He just wanted to pick at the grass and then show all of us……It was adorable!!!!  William next time I see you, you will be running all over the place I’m sure!!!!  Thank you for making my morning so much fun!!!!

Mom had this shirt made for William for his first birthday:)

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