Presenting Cameron Preston!

This little guy decided to spice things up a bit and show up 8 weeks earlier than expected! His mommy is one of my very close friends so I was honored to get to visit Cameron, Mommy and Daddy in the hospital a few days after he was born.  He’s doing great and was 4lbs 12 oz at birth and 18.5 inches long!  A great size considering how early he was!  Cameron was a mover and a shaker while I was there which was no surprise to his mommy who said he was quite active while in her tummy too 🙂  Cameron will be under the billi lights for a few days to get rid of the jaundice, but he didn’t seem to mind at all!  I got such a kick out of his “sunglasses!”  How cute are those?  I don’t think Daddy loved the long eyelashes the nurses drew on his goggles, but apparently there is a purpose behind it (to keep them right side up) and not just to look really cute!  Cameron is doing awesome and is thriving and I have no doubt he’ll be out of the hospital soon!  Cameron is a little fighter and will definitely keep his parents on their toes 🙂  What a way to start life huh????  Expect to see lots more of this little guy……I’m making myself an honorary Auntie (I already cleared it with his mommy!!!!)  Presenting precious little Cameron……..

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