Ollie’s here!

I got to meet baby Ollie on Monday and he is such a cute little guy!  His dad Nick and my husband have been friends since high school so I’ve known Nick and his wife Jodi as long as I’ve known Derrick.  It was so great getting to meet little Ollie.  He’s just a peanut but he definitely made sure we knew who was running the show!  The session was a long one, but well worth it!  Got lots of awesome pictures of Ollie.  Rachel also spends lots of time with Nick and Jodi so she came along for the photo shoot as well!  She’s absolutely beautiful and is going to have all the boys after her if she doesn’t already!  Nick and Jodi, it was so great getting to spend time with you and meet your sweet baby.   Seeing you with Ollie made it obvious what wonderful and loving parents you will be!

Who doesn’t love smiling babies!?!

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