Cameron is home!!!!

I am so excited I got to take pictures of little Cameron in his house!  If you saw the first post I did of Cameron you’ll know that he was born premature at just under 33 weeks (click here to view).  He is now four weeks old an home from the hospital!  His mom and dad are obviously thrilled to have him in his own house and loving all the snuggling they get to do with him whenever they want now!  Cameron’s mom Sally is one of my best friends so I look forward to getting to see a lot more of Cam as he grows up!  I even got to feed him a bottle and snuggle him after our session!  How sweet to hold a tiny baby again….he’s still right around 6 lbs at 4 weeks old!  Thanks Sally and Scott for letting me come over and allowing me to be there with you guys now that your family is all under one roof!  Auntie Molly loves you Cam!!!A beautiful mama with her beautiful baby boy!  🙂

And who can resist baby toes????

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