Beautiful Family

I drove “up North” on Sunday for my last shoot of the day.  I’ve never been up by Anoka, but it is BEAUTIFUL!!!  This family lives on the Rum River and they have a gorgeous view right in their backyard!  We decided to take advantage of the beautiful fall scenery and take some pictures down by the water.  Macy, their 5 mo old german shepard puppy came with for some pictures too!  She is SOOOO cute!  I want one just like her!  It was quite tricky to get some of these shots, between the family balancing on the logs and me trying to crawl through the branches and bushes,  but it was definitely worth it!  Evan is 4.5 years old and he really gave me a run for my money!!!  I had to pull out all my tricks and I’m still not sure he was very impressed:)  We did end up with some good genuine smiles in the end!  Thank you Kassie, Derek, and Evan!  You are a gorgeous family!!!

I LOVE candids like this!!!

Aren’t they a stunning couple???

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