Happy Halloween!!!

Thank goodness it was a decent day today, I got my kids (reluctantly) to go outside with me so I could take a few pictures of them in their costumes before we had to layer them up with jackets, hats, mittens, etc.  The funny thing is both of my kids decided to wear their costumes from last year!  Anyways, here’s a few from our quick 10 minutes outside……As usual, it ended in a meltdown (thank you Nellie, you never disappoint), but not before there were lots of bribes, and possibly even a threat of missing halloween if they didn’t cooperate! 🙂  Happy Halloween from our family to yours!

My buddy Johnny (6)

Nellie (4.5)  One of her favorite faces to make!!!

He lost his first tooth last week!!!!!!

Guess who was done…that’s right….supergirl.

Baby Alex

Happy Halloween!!!!!  This little guy is so cute it’s scary! 🙂  Alex came into the studio last Friday at 6 days old for his newborn pictures.  He wanted to stay awake for the first hour, but finally gave in and slept through the rest of his session!  Well, he woke up momentarily to pee on Daddy, but other than that, he was out like a light.  Amy and Aaron, you have a beautiful baby boy!!!  I can’t wait to watch him grow!  Congrats!

Ruth and Brandon

I’m so excited I had the opportunity to shoot something totally different than my usual clientele.  Not that I don’t LOVE taking pictures of kids (it’s my fav!), but there’s something about adults being able to listen and follow directions that makes a shoot like this fun and exciting 🙂  Ruth and Brandon are getting married next month and I’m so honored to get to photograph their wedding.  I love the way these images show how much they care about each other!  Ruth and Brandon I hope you love your sneak peek and I can’t wait for your big day!!!!!

I am in LOVE with the last image!!!!!  You guys are an amazingly gorgeous couple!

William is 3!

I’ve been photographing William since he was 3 months old….and now, he just celebrated his 3rd birthday!!!  Crazy how fast time goes!  William is also going to be a big brother in just about a month!!!  Exciting times for this family!  William was lots of fun and had tons of energy during our session!  Such a sweetheart!

Sweet baby James

James is my favorite little 10 month old baby!  He is my Godson and my sister’s little boy!  Such a sweetheart!!!!! He was a bit tired during our session, but he’s such a good baby he never even cried.  We had lots of fun playing in the leaves although we were all covered in dirt when we left the park!  Sara and Travis, enjoy the sneak peek!!!!

Lenny made it into the family picture too!!