This weekend I had the wonderful opportunity to go to Chicago to photograph my beautiful new niece!  I know I might be a BIT biased, but she’s one of the most beautiful babies I have ever seen!  Amelia’s mommy, Tara, is my cousin and I was so honored to get to go spend time with their new family so soon after Amelia’s birth.  Amelia was the perfect little model and slept the whole session without so much as a peep.  Tara and Saj, you have a gorgeous new perfect little girl and a beautiful family!  I am so happy that I got to spend time with you guys this past week with you all!!!!

One big happy family!

Everyone was in town to celebrate Grandma Bonnie’s birthday, what a perfect time for some updated family photos!  These kids were SO well behaved and just the cutest ever!  I hope you all had a wonderful time celebrating together and enjoying time as a family and had safe travels home.  Enjoy the sneak peek!

Baby Bridget

Sweet little Bridget was just over two weeks when she came to the studio.  She was such a little peanut and SUCH a good sleeper……until she decided to wake up.  When she was up, she was up for a good hour and a half.  Calm as can be, but NONE of my tricks worked on her.  But in the end, I waited her out, and eventually she did go back to sleep so we could have a little more fun posing her!  Thank you Phoebe, Tom and Bridget for letting me photograph this sweet time in your lives!