One big happy family!

I’ve been saving this post until I got the okay from Marissa.  Johanna (their foreign exchange student) is in town from Germany for the summer.  Interestingly enough, it worked out that she was able to be an intern for my husband’s company 🙂  Johanna was a surprise for the grandma’s this year at Easter, so I waited until after everyone had been surprised to post pictures.  Tyler is John’s little brother and they just celebrated 10 years of being matched!  What an amazing way to celebrate by getting pictures together as a family.  And last but certainly not least, little William is 18 months already!  I have been photographing him since he was just 3 months old and it’s been so much fun to watch him grow!

Beautiful little Bella

Little Miss Bella was just shy of three weeks when she had her newborn session.  I typically photograph newborns between 1.5-2 weeks, babies older than that have opinions about being all curled up and going to sleep:)  She fought going to sleep for a bit, but after lots of rocking and patient waiting, she was out.  She was such a gorgeous baby with amazing skin and the cutest little lips I’ve ever seen…..ohhh, and I can’t forget all the adorable little rolls!!!!!