Frankie is 1!

Lil’ Frankie came in for his 1 year pictures!!!!  His mom is one of my very good friends and I remember seeing him the day after he was born!  I can’t believe that was a year ago!  Time flies!  Little Frankie is a mover and shaker!  He loved the studio and checked out every inch of it 🙂  He even sported a cool new birthday bib and hat!  Happy Birthday little Frankie! 

A true beauty!

Let me preface this post by saying I do have permission for these images to be displayed on my blog.  Especially with boudoir shoots, I always leave it up to the client to decide weather or not one would like one’s images blogged or kept private.  I’m thankful A was so willing to allow me to share her images because she looks stunning!!!  She was such a natural and her confidence definitely shines through in these pictures!!!  I hope you love them A, I had such a wonderful time with you! I love shooting boudoir sessions (in a non creepy way!), I hope to get a chance to do more of them in 2011!!!!