Baby Lucas

I got the chance to meet Lucas today.  He came with his family for his newborn photos.  He was almost 8 weeks already, but was born 6 weeks early so he was still pretty tiny!  Lucas’ big brother Tyler came and had some fun in front of the camera as well!  Katie, it was great meeting you and I hope you like these previews! 

Baby Addie

You may remember Addie from her 5 week pics.  Well, she’s back and she’s got some chunk!  Her mom Angie and I are friends…..we met in a mom and baby class when our older kids were just weeks old.  Addie had a great time hanging out in her diaper and loved showing off her rolls!  I LOVE baby ROLLS!!!!  I wish I had pics of my kids when they were this size!

If you’re wondering what is in the upper right of this last picture, it’s her thigh 🙂

Baby Scarlet

I got to photograph little  Scarlet when she was only 8 days old!  She is the sweetest baby.  Although she was awake for a good portion of the time, she just looked around and was so calm and relaxed.  I went to high school with her mom Jen, so it was great catching up after such a long time.  Jen was awesome and so laid back, she was very much fun to work with!  I hope you like your pictures Jen!  Congrats again!